These days nearly everybody in the country has a mobile phone and easy access to the internet.

​It's little wonder then, that as a society, we've never been more connected. Yet sometimes it feels like we've never been more isolated.

Ride the bus or train, and everyone's plugged into their iPods or glued to their screens. They're all too busy browsing and snap chatting to strike up an actual conversation with a stranger. And they're more interested in who's on Facebook, than looking you in the face and making eye contact.

At NLV, things are a little different. Our over 45's Resorts and Villages are places where people stop and give each other the time of day. Where a friend request means your neighbour asking you over for a drink or a BBQ, and where you may want to put half an hour aside to pop down to the letterbox-just in case you get pulled into the clubhouse for an impromptu cuppa.

People are drawn to NLV because they want to live in a warm, active and friendly community of like-minded people. People that look out for each other and actually care. The idea of retirement is turned upside down at NLV, with the average age of Lifestylers being 64 compared to 84 in traditional retirement villages.

NLV inspires a culture of 'neighbourhood' in every sense of the word. Unlike the train or the bus, you won't find blank faces or vacant stares. Instead you'll be met with a friendly wave and a cheery 'hello' in a place where it really does feel like everybody knows your name.

Why do people love living here?

There's a great community spirit in our Village

​This house is beautiful… people are amazed how big the homes are

​I really do enjoy the Village because it provides security

Tuart Lakes has given us more than we anticipated

It's just fabulous….I feel like I've been reborn here

I've made so many friends and there's so many activities

The camaraderie is amazing!

There are so many reasons why people love living in NLV communities. Some enjoy the sense of security, some the great social scene, others simply enjoy the fact that they can sit back and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are NLV Villages retirement villages?

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​If you have any questions that you still would like answered, please leave a message on our CHAT board and one of our lifestyle consultants will get back to you shortly.

Explore NLV Villages and Resorts

​Whether you are looking for a sea change or a tree change, with 9 locations across WA and 1 in Victoria, there is bound to be something that suits you.

If you would like more information about any of our Villages or Resorts, please contact us here and one of our team will be in touch shortly.

Free Information Seminar

Crown Perth. Saturday 10th October.

Learn more about life in the NLV Villages and Resorts, by hearing from some of the people already there, as well as hearing current insights, clever ideas and honest advice from trusted independent authorities.


Learn from NLV founder and MD John Wood about the concept and history behind NLV and discover more about the home designs, resort facilities, and land-lease model.


Enjoy a fun and open Q&A session with some of the people who are already enjoying life in one of NLV's many beautiful Resorts and Villages.


Hear about what's happening in the current real estate market from 6PR's top property expert and First National Real Estate Principal, Rob Druitt.


Discover how much cash you could potentially free up and what government benefits you are entitled to from Craig Todd of financial planners, Sage.


Attendees will be offered an EXCLUSIVE Lifestyle Value package worth up to $15,000.

• Doors open 8.30am • Seminar starts 9.00am • Approximate finish time 12.30pm

Free Morning Tea will be provided.

To order tickets register before Tues 6th Oct.

Tickets will be emailed to the address that you provide.