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About NLV

National Lifestyle Villages was formed to provide an opportunity for every-day people to say goodbye to their stressful and busy lives and help them realise that there is a better way to live. Too often we see people unhappy with their life in the suburbs.

Here at NLV, we wanted to be able to provide a simple way for individuals to be able to easily move into a community with like-minded people, that’s safe, engaging and supportive - wouldn’t that make life more enjoyable?

With this goal in mind, it has been NLV’s mission to help over 45’s live the way they’ve always wanted. We offer a range of homes in what we like to call ‘lifestyle communities’ in Perth.

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Life in one of our Lifestyle Villages in WA is incomparable to anywhere else. You have to visit one and talk to our Lifestyler’s to understand. There are very few places we know of where you can experience the ‘sense of belonging’ combined with ‘sense of freedom’ our Lifestyler’s feel at a National Lifestyle Village.

It truly is a place where everyone knows your name, but within a master planned community of between 20 to 40 acres you have your own home and small block where you can be as private as you like.

Don’t be surprised to see Sally from next door down at the tennis courts or Bruce from across the street reviewing last night’s film showing. Most of our Lifestylers are the L Gen, that’s the Lifestyle Generation - people who were born between 1946 and 1964. The average age of our villages is mid 60’s whereas the average age of a typical retirement village is mid 80’s.

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What's On 


All of our Lifestyle villages in Perth, WA are built to the highest standards and have some of the best facilities available on the market. Think world-class cinemas, multi-storey clubhouses, heated pools and games centres.

This is just the beginning of the list of amazing facilities that make our retirement resort in Western Australia one of the best places to live! To view our range of Mandurah village facilities, click here or simply choose from our list of villages.


No matter your age, our lifestyle villages are built to suit a range of different preferences and lifestyles. Currently, we have over 45's living in:

If you’re someone who loves the beach, then our Bridgewater homes in Mandurah may be perfect for you.

For over 45's Lifestyle Villages in Perth, view our range at Hillview in High Wycombe – only 15 minutes from Perth’s CBD.


Welcome to National Lifestyle Villages, Perth

Are you looking for a change in scenery? Or are you tired of living in a high-maintenance house? Thinking about retirement?  National Lifestyle Villages is your new home away from home.

With NLV, we have a range of elegant, affordable and stylish homes situated in some of Perth’s most highly sought-after locations.

If you are over 45, Contact Us about our lifestyle villages in Western Australia. Retired or working, it’s never too late to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of with National Lifestyle Villages.