You can’t afford to put off looking after your best interests. And our planet’s needs are just as urgent. That’s why we’ve created Green Steps, our comprehensive development program of incremental environment-protecting initiatives.

Each step of the program will lessen the environmental impact of each Village. Our ultimate aim is to make all of our future Villages carbon-neutral developments.

The Program elements include five steps:

1. Encouraging biodiversity

Maintaining all significant trees and their understorey, where possible, to enhance soil fertility, climate moderation and fauna habitat.

2. Superior water management practices

  • Economical water-use with AAA-rated outlets in a waterwise landscape
  • Groundwater recharge using roadside swales and contour channels on slopes
  • Non-drinking water and waste-water for outdoor irrigation
  • Sub-surface irrigation to minimise evaporation losses
  • Ongoing water monitoring to assess water usage and quality

3. Energy management

  • Appropriate orientation of all homes and community buildings to provide winter solar access and natural ventilation
  • High levels of insulation to all rooves and walls
  • Concrete floors to all homes for increased thermal mass
  • Energy-efficient lighting throughout
  • The use of alternate energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind and other sources as they become viable

4. Waste management

  • Asset Recovery Centre (ARC) for efficient recycling of ten streams of non-organic waste
  • Village-scale composting and vermiculture for all the organic waste

5. Carbon greenhouse gas emissions management

Over the past few years, the majority of scientific and public opinion has come to the conclusion that the accumulation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (especially CO2) is impacting on climate change.

The over-concentration of these gases is producing global warming, with negative impacts on ecosystems and humanity generally. National Lifestyle Villages, as a responsible corporate citizen, seeks to reduce the environmental footprint of all our activities and minimise the production of GHGs. What is clear is that, in time, legislative change will be used to influence the production of these gases, with increased costs for activities which emit significant amounts of GHG to the atmosphere. National Lifestyle Villages is well positioned to manage these challenges.

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