National Lifestyle Villages

Our National Lifestyle Villages allow you to be able to own your own home, keep your independence and live to close to everything!




Own your own home

If the thought of retirement has crossed your mind more than once, then you have probably asked yourself these questions too. Will I be able to afford to retire? Or, where will I live when I retire? At NLV, we have the solution. With a wide range of affordable houses and apartments for sale across all ten of our lifestyle villages in Western Australia, you’ll be able to find the ideal sized home, in an National Lifestyle Village near you.


“We wanted to be mortgage-free, be closer to family in the area, to be in a more secure environment and to have a smaller area to maintain…” – Lifestyler.


Close to shops, parks, beaches and amenities

As all of our ten National Lifestyle Villages are located in the heart of their suburbs, so when you make the move to one of our villages, you’ll be conveniently within walking distance to a number of popular shops, eateries, parks, beaches, and more! Being conveniently located also makes it easier on your children and grandchildren when they come to visit you. You’ll be able to show them around within the grounds, including some of the many facilities that you have access to. Plus, because of the freedom and independence our village offers, you’ll be able to come and go as you please and to easily visit all that is located around you, outside of your village.


Safe and secure independent living

When you make the move to any one of our ten Lifestyle Villages, you’ll feel safe and secure, right at home. Our on-site world class facilities and convenient location, allow you to still live a complete independent lifestyle, just as you were doing before you made the move. With a relaxed and vibrant community lifestyle and an abundance of safety features, each and every one of our Lifestylers love and enjoy living in an National Lifestyle Village community, with most saying that they wished they had made the move sooner.


Find out more

If you are bored of the standard offering for over 55s living, then its about time you booked in a tour at one of our ten Lifestyle Villages.  Contact our team today to find out how you can make our lifestyle villages in Western Australia a place to call your own. 

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