Over 55 living – bored of the standard options?

Are you thinking about retiring, or perhaps wanting to downsize from your current home to something smaller and easier to maintain? Here at National Lifestyle Villages, we have a range of homes and apartments available across a number of our ten locations throughout Western Australia. From as north as Joondalup to as south as Albany, our lifestyle villages in Perth are perfect for those who are thinking about retiring and wanting to downsize to a low-maintenance property.


Not a retirement home

Retirement homes are something that we are often mistaken for . But, don’t be fooled. When in fact, our Lifestyle Villages aren’t an aged care facility or a retirement home, they’re the complete opposite. The average age of a retirement home member is 85 years of age. At National Lifestyle Village, the average age of an Lifestyler is 65 years of age. Aside from the age gap being the obvious difference, our lifestyle villages are younger, filled with more independent residents who live active lifestyles and have loads of family interaction, enjoy holidays and are able to have pets.


Close-knit community

As the majority of our residents are roughly the same age, our Lifestyle Villages offer residents the chance to meet new people and make friends, in a like-minded community. In fact, it’s what most of our residents love about NLV – our residents have a sense of belonging and live in a community with great spirit, made up of familiar faces or friends. Not only are our villages welcoming, they’re completely secure. You’ll feel safe in any one of our Lifestyle Villages located across the state - making you feel secure and at ease in your own home.


Resort-style facilities

From heated pools to family and games centres, world-class cinemas, tennis courts, gyms and library’s, there really is something for everyone at every one at our lifestyle villages throughout Perth, WA.

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Find out More

If you are bored of the standard over 55s options and are wanting to downsize and make the move to one of our Lifestyle Villages, visit our list of locations or view our list of current display homes for sale. With lifestyle villages located throughout Perth, there is an National Lifestyle Village near you! 

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