A Lifestyle Village, not a retirement home

At National Lifestyle Village, we don’t consider ourselves a retirement village. We offer our Perth residents affordable living in a great community lifestyle, combined with security, access to a large number of high end facilities and the ability to still be able to live an independent life.


The National Lifestyle Village difference

People assume that our Lifestyle Villages are retirement villages, filled with an older demographic. But, did you know that the average age of a person in a Perth retirement home is 85 years of age, compared to an National Lifestyle Village Lifestyler, whose average age is 65 years? Most retirement home residents require a level of care, meal services, are unable to have pets, or unable to leave their home unsupervised. Whereas, our Lifestyler’s are all completely independent and are fully capable of taking care of themselves, don’t require meals or care, can have pets and can leave their homes freely.


Retirement Homes

National Lifestyle Villages

Little to no independence

Complete independence

Prepared meal services

Located in proximity to shops/restaurants

Medium to maximum level of care

Access to local doctors/dentists/physio etc.

No pets

Pets allowed

Shared rooms/houses

Own private houses/apartments in the village

Limited outside access

Can come and go as you please

Limited time to spend socialising with other residents

Many likeminded residents and access to a large number of social activities.


smiling residents

We asked our residents what they love about National Lifestyle Villages:

“The security and convenience when travelling”

“Warm welcoming and friendly people”

“The amenities, downsizing and the cash benefit from doing so”

“Affordability, location, the range of sporting facilities and the security is great”

“Community spirit and a fantastic environment”

- NLV Lifestylers 

Ten locations across the state

If you’re wanting to downsize, but love the suburb that you currently live in, good news - there is an National Lifestyle Village already located near you, which means you won’t have to move very far! With ten locations across Western Australia, our Lifestyle Villages are ideal for those who are too young to move into a retirement village in Perth’s northern or southern suburbs, and perfect for those who are wanting to downsize their current property. With locations as north as Joondalup and as south as Albany, you’ll be able to find your new home, in the perfect location.

Find out more

A retirement home isn’t for you? If you’d like to know more about our Perth Lifestyle Villages, contact one of our friendly village team members today.  

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