Downsizing Your Footprint – Upsizing Your Lifestyle

Downsizing Your Footprint – Upsizing Your Lifestyle

Imagine………You’ve packed your most precious possessions.

The items you aren’t taking with you have gone, and your personal bags and belongings are in the car as you do a final check, walking through those very familiar corridors and rooms of your home. It’s bare now, but the memories are strong.

The house you’ve called home for so long will be home to another family soon and you smile as you lock the door, hand over the keys, get into the car and begin the next step in life’s journey.

Family and friends were a little unsure with your decision to move, but as the time drew closer they could see you getting more and more excited. They had questions and concerns of course:

  • Can we visit?
  • Do we need to call beforehand – just to make sure you’re going to be in?
  • I suppose you’ll be making new friends and won’t have time for your old ones!

You can understand why they’re asking, these are all questions you once had

When you move home you’re not just leaving the memories behind, you also leave behind your old way of living, and it can be hard for friends and families to understand why – even though you’ve explained it, time and time again.

“Just wait till you see it” you emphasis “then you’ll understand, and who knows, you may even be tempted to move in next door!”

This scenario could be you, but many still question if downsizing is the right decision.

The benefits of moving outweigh the reasons to stay

Downsizing your physical footprint does not mean you have to downsize your life. In fact it’s the opposite. Your home may be smaller – but this means less items to clean and dust!

  • There is little or no maintenance required on the property – more time to travel.
  • Your garden is much smaller, so less mowing and pruning – more opportunities to sit and enjoy the view.
  • You have so much more time to do other things – and yes making new friends is one of them.
  • Moving into the vibrant community of a lifestyle village after years of living in suburbia may take a little getting used to.
  • The roads are a lot quieter.
  • There’s a lot more activities to choose from.
  • Security is improved.

Security: caravans and camper vans

Unless you take the advantage of storing your recreational vehicles away from the family home, people can tell if you’re home or off on your travels. Of course your neighbours may know you are away, maybe because you have told them and they keep an eye out for you.

But within a lifestyle village the security of having your caravans, camper vans or recreational vehicles parked on a separate hard stand area away from your home, means you won’t have to worry about other people driving past and being able to spot the caravan’s gone, which has the potential of being open house for intruders’.

And talking of your neighbours…

Your neighbours form your very own Neighbourhood Watch.

Wanting the time to do all those things you’d love to do – and then actually having it and not knowing what to do with it – can be a dilemma for most. Usually the hardest choice when downsizing is physical moving – when it should be making a decision on where next to travel to, or which social engagement to accept.

Don’t put road blocks in your way – enjoy the life you want – now!

If you are getting stuck on how to move forward, or maybe your partner isn’t sure – then a Map the Way session could be just the ticket to enjoy a fabulous journey for the rest of your life.

If you are interested in a Map the Way consultation which outlines how to move forward easily, then contact NE Solutions on (08) 6555 7785, they can also help you with the removals too!