Grandparents love being able to use our Family centres and shared pool facilities

Grandparents love being able to use our Family centres and shared pool facilities

Bec from Vibe has her granddaughter staying over at least every week. For little Casey, the village is like one big family, with Nannas practically lining up to spoil her. Grandchildren are welcome at all National lifestyle villages. Our purpose built Family centres and swimming pools ensure that fun times with the family don’t stop when you sell the family home.

Video Transcript;

Meet Bec from Vibe Baldivis.

Bec loves parties, card games and beating the blokes at darts.

But what makes Bec truly happy?

“My grandchildren.  ..I get very emotional when I talk about my grandchildren.

I’ve got a granddaughter here Casey who spends quite a bit of time at the Village actually and

I’ve got my two young Grandsons in the UK.”

Bec travels to the UK nearly every year.

“Casey’s quite regular here. She stays with me at least once a week.”

“I go swimming. When it’s cold I go in in the pool with Nanna and Nanna thinks it’s freezing. So she gets out before me and I still stay in for a bit.”

“Well done!”

It takes a village..


“A couple of my friends are like second Nanas to her so.. and they will look after if I have to do something. So it’s really good everyone helps you out so it’s really good.”

“When I go to Barbara’s house, Nanna has a coffee and I have a ice-pop.”

“Barbara’s got a new Granddaughter. Born today!”

“They are light of my life and yeah it’s great and it’s great here because when my son and his family come over they can actually stay with me. My house is big enough to accommodate them and it’s fabulous.”

“She gets to be with her friends around here”

“to go out with friends and not so much housework no gardening don’t have to clean the pool. Someone does it for us, it’s great, I love it. Love it. Best thing I’ve ever done.”