Summer never ends for our Temporary Residents

Summer never ends for our Temporary Residents

Deirdre and Bob from Lake Joondalup haven’t experienced a proper Winter for about seven years!

They’re avid caravanners and they just love being able to lock, leave and go.

Video transcript:

Introducing Dierdre from Lake Joondalup.

“We’re in a caravan club so we go away once a month for a week, then we often just take an extra few days holiday. We also go up North for nearly eight weeks a year so altogether it’s about eighteen weeks in the year and we haven’t experienced a proper Winter for about seven years now so it’s delightful!”

There are wow moments everywhere.

“I love driving across the Nullarbor, the last time we went and we pulled into the bight when the whales were running it was the windiest, wildest day, but just the whales came through and it took your breath away.”

And you don’t have the cross the border to find them.

“We went to Coalseam National Park about five years ago when it was absolutely at its peak. We drove in and it was just a carpet of everlastings, the yellows and the oranges and then you drove in a bit further and it was the pink and the whites. It was absolutely breathtaking and it’s a vision that will stay with me forever.”

Everlasting memories and no worries.

“Downsizing was terrific for us because we lived on a corner block. And we’d go up North and we’d come home and as you’d turn around the corner all you’d think of is ‘What’s the garden going to be like?’ ‘How long’s it going to take us to get it back in order again?’ So that was a huge factor. We come home now the weeds are done, the place looks neat, our neighbours are terrific they sort of keep an eye on things if we have bad weather, but also downsizing gave us more money. And it allowed us to spread our wings a little bit further and do more things with our caravanning.”

The Good Life Home and Away.

Village life here is just brilliant. Since we’ve been here we’ve made some tremendous friends, my husband’s got some medical issues but by being here it’s enabled us to enjoy all the things we love much more fully because there aren’t the responsibilities that there are when you’re living out in the real world. It’s like living in a cocoon. It’s very safe and secure and it’s great fun. Go out there with an open mind to just embrace what you’re going to see, it’s brilliant!”