The Big Move: Counting Down the Days!

The Big Move: Counting Down the Days!

Once your house has been sold there are usually only a number of weeks to get everything organised.

How do you ensure you get everything completed and not stress out too much?

Where do you start?

The countdown is on, the anxiety may be rising, but seriously how can you make it easier than the last time?

If you didn’t start organising what you want to take with you to your new home, prior to placing your current home on the market (as discussed in our blog Decluttering as Part of Your Downsizing Journey) – then here are 8 quick steps to begin the process.

1.  ORGANISE THE MOVERS – a no brainer perhaps.

  • Give yourself plenty of lead time as the good moving companies are booked well in advance.
  • If you are coordinating the move with friends and family, get a commitment from them to be free on moving day.
  • If you are undertaking the move ensure you have all the necessary moving aids such as trolleys and wheels for moving heavy items and furniture so you don’t hurt yourself. After all you don’t want to get to your new Lifestyle Village and be unable to participate in the activities because you put your back out (or worse)!

2.  CHANGE OF ADDRESS DETAILS – there will be a lot of people and organisations you will need to advise of your new address.

  • Family and friends of course
  • Insurance and legal (including home, cars, caravans, roadside assistance, licences, passports)
  • Utilities – this will need to be coordinated for the day of the move.
  • Post office – it is always a good idea to get your mail re-directed for a short time after your move. There will always be one or two people you may only receive correspondence from once or twice a year, so it’s always a good idea to have your mail re-directed for a little while after the move.

3.  TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS – This serves several purposes. You have an overall picture of what your old house looked like. It also helps you to remember which items were in each room. If you need something in a hurry you know where to start looking for it.

4.  BOXES AND BAGS – your removals company can usually provide you with packing materials or you can purchase or obtain your own. But if you are packing yourself, use your Tupperware for wrapping and placing delicate items in; and another great tip is to Glad wrap necklaces so they don’t become entangled.

5.  INVENTORY THE BOXES – once you begin packing, start with those items you don’t need on a day to day basis. Mark on the outside of the box what you placed inside – ‘Bed 2’ is perfect but not very descriptive if you are searching for your sewing box!

6.  PACKING AND PADDING MATERIALS – don’t pack your Manchester and linen, use them to wrap the delicate things you are moving. Don’t overfill boxes containing heavy items such as books, but top fill these heavier boxes with the lighter materials. You can also use clothes if there are too many to fit into available suitcases and you have a lot of delicate items to move.

7.  LEAVE THE FRIDGE/FREEZER TO LAST – use as much of the frozen food in the weeks leading up to the move – so you don’t have to move quite so much on the day. And remember it’s always the last item on the truck and the first one off – that way if you are only going a short journey you won’t need to unpack the food.

8.  CREATE AN EMERGENCY BOX – think about all those things you will need on moving day and put them into a couple of boxes and make sure they are readily available and clearly marked.

  • Kettle, tea/coffee making supplies and utensils for drinking out of during the unpacking.
  • Snacks & medications, there is nothing worse than having to hunt for a headache tablet.
  • Look ahead to your first night in your new home and what you will need. For example bedding, towels, toiletries, toilet paper and a spare globe or two.
  • Make sure there is a spare set of clothes for day two and don’t forget something to celebrate the move.

Regardless of whether you are getting someone in to help you move, or you are moving yourself, these suggestions can help take the stress out of your moving day.

If you would like someone to project manage your move, then contact NE Solutions on (08) 6555 7785 to Map the Way for you.