Vibe Lifestylers Living Longer and Stronger!

Vibe Lifestylers Living Longer and Stronger!

In a first for Western Australian Seniors – residents of the NLV Vibe Village in Baldivis have formed the first class of the new mobile service of Living Longer Living Stronger.

Living Longer Living Stronger Manager Phil Airey and Instructor Pam Henley were joined by the Council on the Ageing’s Professor Bob Ziegler to launch the new service at Vibe Village.  Mr Airey explained :

The Council on the Ageing have operated this program successfully in Western Australia since 2004 in over 50 fitness facilities and clinics around the state – helping tens of thousands of Seniors achieve their best quality and length of life.  This is the start of our newest service which brings our expert level physical training and fun group classes to retirement communities, so Seniors in Villages like Vibe can enjoy the very best on their own doorstep.”

Professor Ziegler explained how the program can help manage or reduce conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle loss, and even cognitive decline. Instructor Pam Henley explained how she would keep classes lively, interesting and fun while ensuring safety and progress towards goals.  Around 20 residents are keen on commencing and have booked in for assessments.

“We are interested on bringing the service to as many Seniors as possible, and motivating them to live active, healthy and long lives in their communities of choice.  National Lifestyle Villages are a perfect partner for this service!”

For more information on bringing Living Longer Living Stronger to your retirement community or group, please contact the Council on the Ageing WA on 9472 0104.