What are you doing for your health?

What are you doing for your health?

Look after your health and wellbeing by moving to a National Lifestyle Village!

People want to downsize for many good reasons. They don’t have the energy or interest needed to look after a large house or garden, and don’t need the space once children have left home. Reducing living costs and unlocking the equity in the family home are also a great incentive to downsize.

One of the biggest positives of downsizing and moving into a lifestyle village is the social connection. When you live alone, maintaining friendships and keeping up with your favourite activities is hard. Loneliness and depression can set in, and that’s an unhealthy situation for many seniors. Studies have linked loneliness with memory loss, strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Independent living communities, like National Lifestyle Village, offer seniors a chance to prevent diseases associated with isolation. They allow seniors to socialise with like-minded people and make new friends.

At all National Lifestyle Village, you’ll find an array of activities on offer – such as bus trips to the casino, games of bowls, water aerobics, morning teas and charity events. You can do whatever, whenever! What’s more, you’ll be doing those activities alongside familiar people who, in time, will likely become your closest friends. In the suburbs, activities such as seniors bus trips will be shared with strangers.

“When new home owners move into our Villages it’s like they’re ageing backwards. You can tell they really have a new lease for life, especially the singles, they’re provided with a fantastic opportunity to get out and meet new people in the safety of the Village. You don’t get that in the suburbs”. says Village Manager, John Marks

Are you or a loved one thinking about downsizing and moving into a lifestyle Village?

If so give Steve a call on 1300 45 55 65 to arrange a tour and to view our range of 1,2 and 3 bedroom homes starting from a low $130,000*.

*Prices vary between villages. Visit www.nlv.com.au for the current pricing at all Villages.