When Your Treasured Possessions Are Stopping You From Moving

When Your Treasured Possessions Are Stopping You From Moving

Looking around your home you are struck with a sense of achievement mixed with a hefty dose of nostalgia. The furniture you bought was built to last and while it is showing a bit of wear and tear, the investment was sound and you know it would last a new owner for plenty more years.

Except no-one wants it – either to buy or when you try and give it away to family and friends.

You can understand it to a certain extent, most people have enough of their own furniture and if they are planning on replacing anything, it’s not usually with an older item – regardless of how good it is.

But it’s too good to be thrown away, and you’re getting desperate.

The move to your gorgeous new Lifestyle Village is looming and most of the furniture won’t fit into the smaller living space you crave.

As you continue with your decluttering, you find it’s not just furniture that people don’t want.

Everyone has enough towels, sheets sets and tea towels. The antique crystal and china you’ve lovingly used and cleaned over the years rarely comes out, and your pleas to the family to take the heirlooms – is falling on deaf ears. In fact you’re getting to the point of parcelling everything up and giving it to friends and family as part of their birthday or Christmas presents just to get rid of it.

“Oh thanks…..that’s really …….lovely”- you can see the eye rolling and hear the fake enthusiasm already.

You contemplate pulling the pin on the move and just staying put until you finally pass on – then the family will have to deal with your stuff.

But before you pick up the local paper and search the local ads for skip bins – there are many other options to dispose of those things your family and friends have no need for, such as:

  1. Animal refuges love receiving old towels and blankets
  2. eBay/Gumtree offers a wider variety of people looking for unique items such as fine bone china tea sets
  3. Op shops can and do take furniture and household items (just not white goods), and they’ll even pick it up
  4. Heirlooms that you truly want your family to have – why not think about preparing a ‘Gift Box of Love’. Explain the history of the item, and what it means to you for them to have it. If the item is going to a child why not record the message so they can hear your voice. Of course, if you would prefer for them to have it after you have passed why not add a notation to your will so your executor can fulfil your wishes. Of course you can give them the gift at any time, but you get to decide what to do with your treasured possessions.

For more ideas on how to declutter and move on with your life contact NE Solutions on 1800 ne solution or (08) 6555 7785, they can also help you with the removals too!