$20,000 Solar BONUS

This promotion is for Vasse Lifestyle Village.

At National Lifestyle Villages we are celebrating the first stage release of our new Vasse community by giving a FREE solar and battery pack valued at $20,000* to the first 40 homes purchased. PLUS there is over $33,000 in additional savings!*

Our Vasse Lifestyle Village has been designed with a social and active lifestyle in mind that takes advantage of all the beautiful South West has to offer.

Just minutes from Busselton, close to beaches and the famous Margaret River wine region, many people and finding Vasse the ideal seachange option.

The stunning, modern homes will be ready to move in to from June 2018.

The Vasse Lifestyle Village will be one of the first 100% solar community in WA meaning that residents will likely never receive an electricity bill.

Every home in Vasse Lifestyle Village will have 5kW of solar panels installed, and a 13.5kWh battery, valued at circa $20,000. Having the batteries means the home will capture any excess power generated during the day, and it can be used by the home at night or other days. The batteries will be located in the carport area of the home.

Additional solar panels and batteries will be located at the clubhouse. Together the homes and the clubhouse will form a Village grid, able to operate independently of the public electricity grid. The Village will still be able to draw on the public electricity grid when needed, providing total power security.

Provided electricity use is at sensible household levels of less than 15kWh per day (Lifestyle Village average use is 6 – 11kWh per day) Lifestylers should have no electricity bills.

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