We are National Lifestyle Villages

Happiness is found in the simplest of things.

We are here for those West Australians who reach the stage of life where they want to downsize. People who want to live a simpler life, full of what makes them genuinely happy.

Downsizing is not a fast decision. It can involve many years of weighing up why, when and how to do it.

National Lifestyle Villages has been helping people downsize since 1999, and is the leader in developing and operating land lease communities in Western Australia.

We have six villages in the Perth Metro area and a village in the following regional locations: Erskine in Mandurah, Busselton and Oyster Harbour in Albany. We have a new village in development in Vasse.

We combine beautiful homes, amazing facilities, affordable prices and picturesque locations so our residents – affectionately called Lifestylers – can create their own strong, vibrant communities.

We have over 3000 people across our villages. Each has its own Lifestyler-run social club, which organises events such as dinners, dances, day trips and celebrations. There are plenty of other groups to explore form village to village such as gardening clubs, art and craft groups and bowling teams. Our close knit communities mean Lifestylers can lock and leave on a long overseas holiday and know their home will be under a watchful eye until they return.

You may be wondering, are we basically just another retirement village?

Well, we both have the word ‘village’ in our name. But that’s about where the similarities end.

Retirement villages are usually associated with people needing ‘care’, or assisted living. Some have also been known to give their residents a raw deal financially with large exit fees.

We are for people who want all the benefits of downsizing, but are definitely not ready to slow down.

We also believe in a fair deal financially (no complex contracts or hidden fees).

We are here for when people decide they want to live a simpler life, full of what makes them genuinely happy with fewer worries about maintenance, security and finances.

Downsizing to one of our villages gives people the freedom to do whatever, whenever – from a morning dip in the heated pool to pulling the door shut and taking off around Australia in the caravan.

Our stylish homes are secure, affordable and downsizers can even bring their pets.

We hear so many nice stories from residents who say, “I wish I’d done this 10 years ago!”