Follow your dreams

NLV is a proven concept that has been been home to over 4,500 people in Western Australia and our simple moto - “Enriching the lives of Over 50’s’, guides us in helping more people every day at our communities and facilities!

A great way to live for a new generation

National Lifestyle Villages (NLV) appeals to the Lifestyle Generation (L-Gen®) - the generation of empty nesters and mature singles who are beginning the next chapter of their life. A time when they’re free to live life to the full and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

For the L-Gen®, the idea of owning a big family home doesn’t make as much sense any more. Maintenance and upkeep takes both time and money, which can be better spent enjoying life and feeling free! The L-Gen® are taking the opportunity to downsize and free up cash to upsize their life in a safe community surrounded by like-minded people with similar interests.

NLV, have developed a unique solution for the L-Gen® - a socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable lifestyle choice that offers the chance to free up the capital tied up in the family home without compromising quality of life, privacy, or financial and personal security.

Our communities are for people that are too young, fit or healthy for a traditional retirement village, and this is one of the reasons NLV falls into a unique category never before seen in Western Australia. Our Lifestylers have an average entry age that is only in the 60’s, quite different from traditional retirement villages, where the average age of entry is in the 80’s.

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