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It’s an affordable new way of living

The National Lifestyle Villages Group has set a new benchmark in Western Australia by creating a Home and Lifestyle Package for 30-50% less than the cost of a median priced suburban home.

By adopting the internationally recognised land-lease ownership model, National Lifestyle Villages has taken the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of owning your own home and changed it to create the Great Australian Lifestyle.

Land-lease ownership means that you buy and own your home and lease the plot of land on which it is located. In Australia, this model is commonly used in commercial buildings and facilities such as airports and ports. It is also the preferred model for all residential homes in Canberra, which are purchased on a 99-year lease instead of a traditional Freehold Title.

Your secure lease agreement gives you exclusive use of the land that your home is located on for up to 60 years, which includes ongoing exclusive access to all of the facilities and services available in your Village, as well as covering all the usual council rates and taxes.

By downsizing your home and upsizing your lifestyle, you can get rid of the mortgage or simply free the money that’s tied up in your old home. Life in a National Lifestyle Village gives you the freedom to enjoy life on your own terms.

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Peace of mind

We are governed under the Residential Parks (Long-Stay Tenants) Act 2006 and its accompanying regulations, which affords you legislative protections and peace of mind.

Weekly affordability into the future

There are no hidden costs or surprises – just an affordable weekly rental fee (less Government Rent Assistance if you are on a pension).

The fee can be paid in full each week, or a smaller fee can be paid weekly whilst living in the community with the balance being paid in the future when you sell.

There is only one rent review on the 1st of July each year, and this is calculated using the WA Consumer Price Index (CPI), providing you with further peace of mind, especially if you are on a fixed income. In order to provide certainty of weekly costs, National Lifestyle Villages only does a market review once every 10 years!

What our lifestylers say

"I've made so many friends and there’s so many activities"

John and Dale

Bridgewater Lifestyle Village

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"I agree with other Lifestylers ... this has been one of my better decisions to move here"

Margaret at Pineview

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I agree with other Lifestylers … this has been one of my better decisions to move here. I have met so many lovely people. I love my easy to look after house and I love going on outings – doesn’t matter if you don’t know everyone on the bus … by the time you get home you have met everyone and made new friends. THIS IS THE LIFE!

"A Love story with a Twist - "it all Started with a Tooth Pick!"

Karen & Rick

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Karen & Rick

Rick is an avid ‘West Coast Eagles’ supporter and nothing comes between him and his beloved sport. That was until he met me.

I am no couch potato and prefer to be doing other more interesting things, like pottering in the garden. So how did it come to be that we are a happily married couple of 5 ½ years?

We were both at the Windsor Hotel in South Perth one night. I was with a girlfriend and Rick was there watching an Eagles away game on the TV. I noticed him because he was somewhat loud, which I now know is just part of what AFL supporters do.

When the game finished, Rick came up to the bar and started chatting to myself and my girlfriend, I had to excuse myself as I just ate some pizza and I needed to go to the bathroom as I had something stuck in my tooth!

Rick being the gentleman he is asked if I would like to borrow a tooth pick – what a blessing that was!! He not only gave it to me but walked me to the ladies!!

We chattered for the rest of the evening and swapped numbers. Rick eventually walked us to my girlfriend’s car. The next day I jokingly text him that they were giving away free Dockers Tickets and would he like to go….. well his response isn’t something I would write down, but we did set up a date.

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