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It’s all taken care of for you

Even more affordable if you receive a pension

A huge benefit of our proven land lease model is that if you’re on a part or full pension, your Centrelink Rent Rebate will be deducted from your weekly rent. If you qualify for the rebate you will save up to 30-40% on your weekly fees.

A secure investment and a proven resales market

Like any other property, you have freedom to sell or will your home to someone else. The popularity of the National Lifestyle Villages model, combined with the increasing demand from Australia’s growing baby boomer population, means that if you buy an National Lifestyle Villages home there is a high likelihood you will have an increasing market of future buyers for your home.

However, before you proceed, we recommend you seek independent financial advice to ensure that purchasing one of our home and lifestyle packages suits you and your personal circumstances. As part of our sales process we will refer you to an independent financial expert to assist you in assessing the financial benefits compared to other options you may be considering.

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"Like any other property, you have freedom to sell or will your home to someone else"

No stamp duty when buying and no selling fees when selling!

As part of your lease agreement, the service of reselling your home is provided for you, at no extra cost. Your home is yours, a will-able asset that you are free to sell whenever you please.

Over the last 15 years, resale values of National Lifestyle Villages homes have tracked similarly to normal real estate and National Lifestyle Villages home-owners have realised good returns on their investment.

With the growing ‘Baby Boomer’ population, Lifestyle Villages are gaining popularity and we anticipate that over the next 20 years, our Villages will continue to become an increasingly sought-after option. Though some of our communities are currently sold-out, you can buy an established home and lifestyle package where, as with traditional real estate, the usual laws of supply and demand apply.

What our lifestylers say

"The camaraderie is amazing!"

Jan and Allen

Bridgewater Lifestyle Village

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"I’m a changed person since coming here. I’m 70 now and I feel 25. Why be a slave to the bank?"

Stan at Hillview

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I’m a changed person since coming here. I’m 70 now and I feel 25. Why be a slave to the bank? My advice is to come here and have a look. There’s less stress, I’m secure and the camaraderie and atmosphere is contagious.

"Ray and May have more time on their hands"

Ray and May

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Ray and May

Ray and May were looking forward to a leisurely pace of life once they stopped working, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Between spending time with their new grandkids and looking after the maintenance of their big family home, they were busier than ever.

Their decision to downsize and upgrade into a brand new home at NLV solved the problem. Their lifestyle home was so much easier to look after, they now have more aquality time to spend with their grandchildren, as well as time for bowls, tennis, swimming, golf or socialising with their new friends… without having to drive anywhere!

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*Stamp Duty rates applicable in Western Australia. **Estimated weekly cost of living in the suburbs.