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Villages are planned with privacy in mind

While many Lifestylers love getting involved in the community, there are many who prefer their personal space, in the knowledge that everything is available if they want it.

As such, you’ll be pleased to hear that our homes are designed to make sure you can invite people over and comfortably entertain in the privacy of your own home.

The variety of shared interests means there is a wide range of groups and clubs to choose from, and with the extensive resort facilities at your disposal, you can take up new sporting, artistic or recreational pursuits. The best part is, there’s no pressure to attend any events or join any clubs. And yes, most pets are also welcome!

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"The variety of shared interests means there is a wide range of groups and clubs to choose from"

Lock and leave

For those who like to spend time holidaying around the world or exploring the great outdoors with a caravan, we have made getting away incredibly easy – Just lock up your home and leave!

While you are away, our Village Care and Maintenance Team can take care of your garden, and the Village Administration will retrieve your mail. Plus, your home will also always be under the watchful eye of your friendly community …making National Lifestyle Villages the ultimate in Neighbourhood Watch!

What our lifestylers say

"I now have the lifestyle where I can relax...and we don’t have the mortgage anymore"

Stephanie and Neil

Bridgewater Lifestyle Village

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"Eleven magic years of wandering the outback, station tracks and deserts of this great country"

John M

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John M

No, I am not stuttering – just reflecting on how many times a person can really retire from ones full-time working career. For me, the latter was a series of interesting experiences working on, or helping to establish, remote African diamond mines. In 1981 I was recruited out of Namibia to a more civilised experience helping to develop the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

At age fifty-five I pulled the pin on the diamond mining and processing game and took early retirement from the Argyle Project when they decided to shift the entire staff onto a FIFO (Fly in/Fly out) operation based out of Perth. Who wants to live in Perth when you are enjoying the wonderful Kimberley life style?

We already had a plan for Retirement (Revision.1) in place and had bought a small 150 acre property on the Ord Irrigation Scheme up in Kununurra. My wife Jean had had the Job of developing this run-down property over the five years prior to my leaving the mines. The idea was that we would grow a few acres of bananas to provide a little extra income but also give us sufficient time to enjoy the wilds of the north-east Kimberley. Alas, this early banana planting grew to over fifteen acres. By this time we were far from our envisioned ‘life of leisure’ in retirement as we were employing up to six people and working flat out!

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"A Love story with a Twist - "it all Started with a Tooth Pick!"

Karen & Rick

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Karen & Rick

Rick is an avid ‘West Coast Eagles’ supporter and nothing comes between him and his beloved sport. That was until he met me.

I am no couch potato and prefer to be doing other more interesting things, like pottering in the garden. So how did it come to be that we are a happily married couple of 5 ½ years?

We were both at the Windsor Hotel in South Perth one night. I was with a girlfriend and Rick was there watching an Eagles away game on the TV. I noticed him because he was somewhat loud, which I now know is just part of what AFL supporters do.

When the game finished, Rick came up to the bar and started chatting to myself and my girlfriend, I had to excuse myself as I just ate some pizza and I needed to go to the bathroom as I had something stuck in my tooth!

Rick being the gentleman he is asked if I would like to borrow a tooth pick – what a blessing that was!! He not only gave it to me but walked me to the ladies!!

We chattered for the rest of the evening and swapped numbers. Rick eventually walked us to my girlfriend’s car. The next day I jokingly text him that they were giving away free Dockers Tickets and would he like to go….. well his response isn’t something I would write down, but we did set up a date.

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