"A Love story with a Twist - "it all Started with a Tooth Pick!"

Karen & Rick

Rick is an avid ‘West Coast Eagles’ supporter and nothing comes between him and his beloved sport. That was until he met me.

I am no couch potato and prefer to be doing other more interesting things, like pottering in the garden. So how did it come to be that we are a happily married couple of 5 ½ years?

We were both at the Windsor Hotel in South Perth one night. I was with a girlfriend and Rick was there watching an Eagles away game on the TV. I noticed him because he was somewhat loud, which I now know is just part of what AFL supporters do.

When the game finished, Rick came up to the bar and started chatting to myself and my girlfriend, I had to excuse myself as I just ate some pizza and I needed to go to the bathroom as I had something stuck in my tooth!

Rick being the gentleman he is asked if I would like to borrow a tooth pick – what a blessing that was!! He not only gave it to me but walked me to the ladies!!

We chattered for the rest of the evening and swapped numbers. Rick eventually walked us to my girlfriend’s car. The next day I jokingly text him that they were giving away free Dockers Tickets and would he like to go….. well his response isn’t something I would write down, but we did set up a date.

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